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A Memoir by Chagit Deitz
In loving memory of Ben Deitz 

Speak Son A Mother's Memoir
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About the Book

When Ben Deitz unexpectedly died in 2015, he left behind detailed journals going back to his childhood, essays, stories, lyrics, art, music, and many unanswered questions. Reading his texts, looking at his art and listening to his music led his mother, Chagit Deitz on a years-long search for a more complete picture of the struggles her son experienced during his tragically brief life. In a moving narrative that interlaces their two lives, this book follows a path of parallel emotions, personal histories, and generational trauma. Speak, Son: A Mother's Memoir is by turns poetic, probing, dreamy, brutally honest -- a mother coming to terms with her deep and ultimately insatiable longing for answers, and for her son. 

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I find the following paragraph in your notes; it was probably written when you were 15 or 16 years old: 

I will try to flow easily, to watch as events flow past me like fish in an aquarium, and lightly and easily I will reach out ...

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